Krawkin Feckward

Career smuggler and vindictive Rogue Trader


An infamous name amongst the recidivist underworld, Feckward has built his name and his fortune on a wide range of criminal activities. His holding of a Warrant of Trade is dubious, and his lineage is extremely questionable, many consider him nothing more than a criminal overlord. From the command bridge of the Chains of Dusk he leads a criminal empire that focuses mostly upon the cold and slave trades, bringing valuable and exotic goods and people to the greedy hands and blind eyes of Imperial nobility.

For a time he was involved in a highly profitable criminal alliance with Ludwig Kospland, until an incident involving a shipment of Xenarch weapons soured the relationship. His almost instant unleashing of fury and assassins convinced Kospland that there were standards that he had to maintain to be successful over the long term, and he broke ties with Feckward to find a more reliable Rogue Trader for an alliance.


Krawkin Feckward

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