Whip with grapples


A tool popular amongst some of the (usually short-lived) brand of Rogue Traders who fancy themselves “adventurers,” a grapplewhip is a reticulated length of metal that can rapidly extend to latch on to a surface, or snatch an object when swung like a groxwhip. Though these devices can be dangerous to inexperienced users, lashing back and cutting gashes across an unprepared wielder, they are still popular with certain contingents in the Koronus Expanse.

To use a grapplewhip, an Explorer must make a Challenging (+0) Weapon Skill Test. If he succeeds, the Explorer latches the grapplewhip onto a protruding object within 5 metres. The grapplewhip can then retract, albeit not as quickly as it can extend, pulling the object to the person (or the person to the object).

A grapplewhip can also be used as an Exotic weapon with the following profile: (Melee; 5m; 1d10+2 R; Pen 0; Flexible, Snare). If a user without the appropriate training to wield a grapplewhip attempts to lash out at a target with an attack and misses, it snaps back,
striking him (instead of his intended target) in a randomly determined location.



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