Grimm's Primer

A pair of tomes used to gide ships through the aethyr


Navis Primers are perhaps some of the most valuable items an Explorer can possess, as they outline safe routes through the warp, or at least as safe as warp travel can get. Some cover jump locations and travel times known to many, but others can reveal translation timetable plots known only to a few who guard their secrets with their lives.

Good-Craftsmanship primas grant a +10 to Navigation (Stellar) Tests


The first grimoire is a large leather bound tome that is unremarkible in appearance. It contains a great many well known warp routes with well established timings. When used by itself it provides no bonus. It’s true purpose is to act as a coded index for the second tome. When used together the pair function as a good quality Navis Primer.

The second tome is smaller and is covered in veined leather that is always warm to the touch. It’s most remarkable feature is the single, articulated eye on the front of the cover. They eye is said to look into someone’s soul and judge their worthiness to the secrets within. The truth of this is never likely to be known as Grimm never lets others use this tome.

It was within this tome that Grimm discovered not only many hidden warp routes but also the key to the recovery of the Factisse warrant. Who knows what other secrets it contains?

Grimm's Primer

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