Grimm's Starcharts

A library of the Grimm's family information on the Koronus Expanse


It is a very lucky ship’s captain that has access to a collection of starcharts, and even more so if those starcharts are actually accurate. Such starcharts are full of information about the Koronus Expanse—stable warp routes, lost words, and safe havens to replenish crew and supplies. Often, this information is hard won, costing countless ships, and the lives of their crew.

A starchart collection allows a ship’s Navigator to reduce warp travel times by 1d5 days, to a minimum of one. In addition, when working towards an Exploration Objective, the players receive an additional 25 Achievement Points. A Poor Craftsmanship Starchart Collection imposes a –10 penalty when rolling on the Warp Travel Encounters Table. Good charts reduce travel times by 1d5+5 days (to a minimum of one), while Best charts also grant a 50 Achievement Point Bonus, instead of 25.


Grimm's Starcharts

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