Kospland's Library

A series of research literature carried around for their Seneschal's need


A quite large library traaditionally carted around by Geothe on behalf of its master, Ludwig Kospland. There are a large number of books in there for him to reference when he is attempting to find a bit of trivia. The following are the most pertinent pieces of literature.

  • Catechisms of Saint Drusus: + 10 to Command tests. Owner can make a Scholastic Lore (Military Tactics) test at -10 to let allies Delay as a Free Action.
  • Digestia Emporia Calixis: + 10 to Commerce. May spend a Fate point to automatically pass a Scrutiny test on a financial negotiation with 1d5 degrees of success.
  • Litanies of Faith: Provides +20 on Research involving C. Lore (Ecclesiarchy) and S. Lore (Imperial Creed).
  • Maxims of Marquette: + 10 to Barter and Charm with Imperial Creed followers.
  • Mefonte’s Orthodoxy: + 10 to Charm tests involving religious oratory or inspiration and an Imperial audience
  • Thorian Missal: + 20 to Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed) and Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed).
  • Van Heuring’s Compendium: + 10 to Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) and Evaluate.

Kospland's Library

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