Tag: Weapon


  • Archeotech Laspistol

    These ancient designs pack much greater range and power. It can be fired like a pistol, though it's size allows for stable, two handed firing. It is also more efficient than most las weapons, getting more shots per charge. Rare and arcane, few outside …

  • Lathe Steel Monosaber

    This beautiful saber is a superb version of a traditional Naval Officer or Noble's weapon constructed by a Magus on the Lathes out of the coveted Lathe Steel and inscribed with extensive fine decorations and symbols. Despite it's deadly effectiveness, …

  • Fragmentation Grenade

    Fragmentation or frag grenades are filled with shot, heavy wire or metallic shards to create high velocity shrapnel when they explode, making them deadly when used against infantry.

  • Photon Flash Grenade

    Photon Flash, or simply flash, grenades detonate like a small star, blinding anyone nearby and overloading most vision protection systems such as visors. Those caught without eye protection are usually left temporarily blinded and defenceless.