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A short Estimation of the estimate value of the Factisse dynasty Assets,
on the 6th of Februarus on the Year of the Lord 815 m41.

Current Tithe Level : Decuma Prima Delta(Current total Profit Factor: 41)

Of which :

Secure Investments

This are secure investments scattered throughout the Segmentum and even others. Bonds, stocks, shares in companies and ventures sometimes millenia old. It is a sort of a safety cushion, earning year after year the same yields. The downside is that these funds are illiquid and difficult to mobilize. Only a major, galactic-scaled catastrophy, should put in danger these investments.

notable items:

- rediscovery fees on the taxes from
  • Sotek III Solutio Tertius Epsilon(1 pt)
  • Sonydel VIII Solutio Tertius Delta (2 pt)
  • Mordiant Solutio Tertius Gamma (3 pts)
  • Juno Solutio Tertius Epsilon(1 pt)
  • Desoleum Solutio Tertius Epsilon (1 pt)
  • Cypra Mundii Solutio Tertius Alpha (5 pts)
  • Baraspine Solutio Tertius Epsilon (1 pt)

- fondation fees and nobility tithes from

  • Adrantis V Solutio Tertius Epsilon (1 pt)
  • Scintilla Solutio Tertius Beta (4 pts)
  • Sepheris Secundus Solutio Tertius Gamma( 3pts)
  • Sisk Solutio Tertius Epsilon (1 pt)
  • Sinophia Solutio Tertius Epsilon ( 1pt).
Secure Investments Total : Solutio Extremis (25 PF).

Yielding Assets.

This is riskier investments of magnitude, with the aim to enhance the dynastic portfolio. In this categories are bonds, stocks, shares in companies, but also taxes from newly conquered or worlds classified as riskys under the stringent criteria of the Imperial accounting. These are relatively liquid investments, although not necessarily able to bemobilized instantly. In terms of risk, these investments can be sensitive to economic conditions or specific catastrophic events.

notable items:
– Shares in the Golden Calixian Triangle ( Scintillia- Sepheris Secundus- Tranch): Solutio Tertius Gamma (3 pts)
– Minor mining cartel in Port Wander, former BLUE & RED consortiums. Solutio Tertius Epsilon (1pt)

Yielding Assets Total: Solutio Tertius Epsilon plus ( 6 PF)

Liquid Assets

This is immediately liquid investments, available from recognized banks or inside the coffers of the CAVEAT EMPTOR herself. Gems, gold ingots, Gelt thrones, and even shells, besides the credentials or credits letters filling the holds of the dynasty flagship. Liquid assets offers a different category of riks: in addition to the induced opportunity cost as they are not invested, there are always problems of theft or loss, impairment … or a bank failure.

notable items:
– Ingots, gems and others kept on board : Solutio Tertius Delta ( 2 PF)

Liquid Assets Total : Solutio Tertius Gamma ( 3 PF)

Financia Obscura

Those are funds of unknown origins. Information detailling the origin of said funds can be lost through the sand of times, warpstorms, shipwrecks, or otherwise concealed operations behind front companies and expendable intermediaries. When the Imperial authorities are not severily fighting criminal activites, the Administratum will fight even tougher to get sure to get a proper tithe from those.

notable items:
– association with the Most Honourable house of Janx & Son, brewers. Solutio Tertius Delta(2 PF).

Financia Obscura Total: Solutio Tertius Delta( 2 PF )


This favors, and other returns that can reasonably be expected of people of note that are obliged by the dynasty. Often this is represented by services or in nature and goods, which represent a certain economy; but also reduced charges or fees, letters of credit, tax rebates and other niceties. These favors are, however volatile. All it takes is the disappearance of one person or that it changes its mind…

notable items:
- goodwill about the Factisse Name, and the Warrant signed By His Hands : Solutio Tertius Alpha ( 5 PF) .

Favors Total: Solutio Tertius Alpha (5 PF)

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