Death Cult of Kyarn


To be a member of a Death Cult is to not only accept that you will die, but welcome the opportunity so fiercely that it burns inside you with a passion that can only be matched by your desire to grant that gift to others. Each Cult has its own rituals and beliefs around the inevitability of death, but the one factor that they all share is their fierce, unremitting practice of how to take a life. Alone their skill is not on par with an agent of the Officio Assassinorum, but no doubt due to their naturally high turnover they actively take in the children of those they slaughter, or any unattended child left in their ranks.

As with all of their kind, the Death Cult of Kyarn are fierecely loyal to the Imperium and the Emperor and will never knowingly hire their services out to a traitor of Mankind, nor a Xenos race. If they are discovered to have been acting on behalf of one of those agencies, then their entire body will mobilize against that threat, and it will swiftly be snuffed out from existence. Otherwise their way of hiring is as maccabre as it is appropriate: those who wish their services must first slay members of their own cult in single combat. For every cultist that falls, the cult shall dispatch agent or agents to take the life of a single target of the slayer’s choice. Though champions may be submitted in this battle, only the person who slew a death cultist is deemed worthy to decide where the blades of Kyarn shall fall. More than one shortsighted Rogue Trader has sent their best indentured servant into combat, only to fall when said servant nominates the Rogue Trader as the victim for the Death Cult.

Party Interaction

Twice has the Death Cult of Kyarn crossed paths with the members of the Factisse Dynasty, before the Dynasty was even founded. Vida Nouri ran afoul of the Death Cult during an attempt on the life of Lord-Admiral Bastille while she was indentured into his service, an encounter the details of which are alluded to but never satisfactorily explained.

The second occassion was when Krawkin Feckward dispatched an agent to slay Ludwig Kospland over a perceived betrayal. The cultist fell only thanks to the assassination attempt occurring during a meeting with Navigator Hieronymous Grimm, during which the pair managed – barely – to slay the killer.

Death Cult of Kyarn

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