History of the False Men


We’re still in the planning stages, so right now these are just a rough draft. Events can and should be adjusted so that we can have the maximum number of “coincidences” that allow our characters to meet.


Aprum 23rd, 376.M41

  • A young boy approximately 5 years old arrives at the Schola Progenia on Hydraphur. He is given the name Septimus and quickly shows promising leadership qualities, a keen mind and skills in combat and is eventually streamed into commissariat training.

Januarus, 390.M41

  • Septimus is attached to the newly reformed 15th Cadian regiment set to serve under Borgen Crassus as a a company commissar.

Marcus 12th, 392.M41

  • The Macharian crusade begins with Septimus and the 15th Cadian spearheading many of Crassus’ assaults.

Junem 395.M41

  • The 15th Cadian is thrown into the hellish fighting on Adrantis Five.

Octobrus 15th 396.M41

  • The 15th Cadian is struck from Imperial Records and reformed on Cadia after a disastrous counterattack by the Adriantis defense force that left the regiment with less than 2% of it’s fighting strength.

Aprum 15th 397.M41

  • A Comet redirected by the Lord Commander Solar Macharius impacts the planet Adrantis Five. All remaining Imperial forces on the planet are lost.

Januarus 5th, 781.M41

Septiembrum 781.M41

  • Hieronymus Grimm establishes a single room clinic in Footfall’s Hab-Fanes. Any and all are treated, no questions are asked and payment is often made in the form of information

Aprum 785.M41

  • Hieronymus Grimm’s clinic is abandoned. Grimm signs on with a merchant fleet based at Footfall. He is assigned to various vessels as needed and works as Carto-Artifex.

Maydem 785.M41

  • A routine medical check flags Grimm as a member of a Navigator House thought to be extinct and rumoured to be used as a political shell by high ranking members of the Inquisition.

Octobrus 789.M41

  • No record found of Hieronymus Grimm’s birth found in the records of the Navis Nobelites. Inquisition petitions the Mechanicus to confirm the identity of the potential scion.

Octobrus 797.M41

  • Ludwig Kospland departs Sheol XVII for campaign against unknown enemy of the Imperium. Voyage ends in disaster.

Noviembre 797.M41

  • The Mechanicus agree to flag Hieronymus Grimm for examination. Appropriate agents in the area Grimm is working are notified.

Junem 799.M41

  • Vida Nouri is provided by the Navy to the Inquisition to crew a requisitioned vessel.

Januarus 801.M41

  • Ludwig Kospland’s vessel found. Survivors taken for interrogation by Inquisition to determine taint.

Junem 803.M41

  • Ludwig Kospland declared free of taint and released by Inquisition. Makes way to Port Wrath

Junem 804.M41

  • Mu Ping signs up for a 10 year contract aboard the Bastille owned vessel Shadow under Captain Vindictus

Aprum 805.M41

  • First meeting of Vida Nouri and Ludwig Kospalnd aboard Port Wrath. Kospland serves as informal supply and information broker during her tenure with the Inquisition.

Marcus 806.M41

  • The Bastille owned Shadow comes to the aid of the Merchant vessel Gilded Fist. While repairs are underway Mu Ping discovers Hieronymus Grimm is serving as the Gilded Fist’s Carto-Artifex. Mu Ping performs an exhaustive examination of Hieronymus Grimm. The examination takes hours giving the two a chance to talk.

Augustus 806.M41

  • The Gilded Fist limps into Port Wrath where extensive repairs will be needed. Hieronymus Grimm resigns and finds work on a new ship using a Ludwig Kospland as a broker for this. Recommended vessel ends up working for the Beast House inside of the Calixis Sector for a time.

Januarum 807.M41

  • Vida Nouri is released from Inquisitorial service when the Inquisitor returns the requisitioned vessel to the Navy. Vida decides not to reinlist.
  • Mu Ping’s findings are passed on to the Mechanicus and Inquisition for review.

Februarius 808.M41

  • Vida Nouri is debit-indentured to Rogue Trader Bastille and drafted aboard the Shadow. There she meets Mu Ping.

Septiembrum 808.M41

  • The subjugation of The Triristam Domiate of Seubeius Secundus. Nouri and Ping serve together during the shortlived war of conquest against a cluster of human held worlds in the Foundling Worlds.
  • The Mechanicus notifies the Inquisition that Mu Ping’s tests have confirmed that Hieronymus Grimm is a match for the Navigator House formerly thought to be extinct.

Januarum 809.M41

  • The massacre of Mahatma’s Bounty. During negotiations on the peaceful agri-world the envoys of Captain Bastille are ambushed by an Ork Waagh. Mu Ping and Nouri are amongst the few survivors, having retreated into underground catacombs and sealing the only way in with demolition charges. Surviving on corpse rations, glow-shrooms and urine recyc makes for a good bonding experience.

Noviembre 810.M41

  • Hieronymus Grimm deciphers the code locked within the Navis Primer left to him by his creator and uncovers details of the location of the Factisse Warrant.

Augustus 809.M41

  • The battle of 5 fleets. During a race to secure the legendary treasures of the long lost Obsidian Star, Captain Bastille’s fleet engaged those of rival traders Fel and Feckward to secure dominant salvage positions when they were all ambushed in a very unlikely coincidence as Ork Looters emerged from a hidden position close to a nearby moon and Dark Eldar Corsairs uncloaked to join the chaos. During a catastrophic decompression of deck 3 under a Dark Eldar boarding raid, Mu Ping and Nouri were forced to “escape” to the “safety” of the Eldars boarding craft and returned to their ship with a shuttle full of corpses. Stories of how they escaped from there become the tales of legend!

Noviembre 810.M41

  • The recovery of St. Mumbeous blade. A regular expedition to a lost temple in the jungle continents of Fetid turns complicated when cannibal-tribes want to eat Captain Bastille’s Expedition force. Nouri proves her worth in battle, and Mu Ping recovers interesting new genetic material.

Decembrum 810.M41

  • Hieronymus Grimm resigns his commission and makes his way to Port Wander to investigate leads on the Factisse Warrant.

Augustus 811.M41

  • Kospland departs Port Wrath for Quaddis in order to participate in an auction of Rogue Trader Erasmus Haarlock’s estate. The subsequent slaughter of the civilian population and appearance of the Tyrant Star leave him disquieted, and he does not speak of events upon his return.

Januarum 812.M41

  • Ludwig Kospland uses the profits gained thus far to push deeper into the Calixis Sector, and winds up on Port Wander to continue his grifting focused on Imperial pilgrims, his faith even more shaken by the previous events.

Marcus 812.M41

  • Frustrated with his lack of progress Hieronymus Grimm enlists the help of Ludwig Kospland to assist in investigating leads on the Factisse Warrant.

Augustus 812.M41

  • During refitting on Port Wander assassins strike against Captain Bastille. The next weeks are a blur of near-fatal assassination attempts, counter-espionage and sabotage that sees Mu Ping studying the outside of an airlock and Nouri in the clutches of the death cult of Kyarn. The many close calls and the intense showdown with the plots mastermind are regular topics over drinks for the 2 ladies.
  • Vida Nouri makes contact with Ludwig Kospland on Port Wander, using him as a supplier for Rogue Trader acquisitions. Ludwig’s success presents Vida with the idea of skimming off Bastille’s finances.

Decembrum 812.M41

  • Seeing the potential for financial gain from working with Rogue Trader, Ludwig Kospland brokers an alliance with Rogue Trader Krawkin Feckward to set up supply lanes for illegal Xenos weapons and artifacts smuggled in from the Koronus Expanse.
  • Ludwig Kospland arranges for Hieronymus Grimm to work as a Carto-Artifex on Feckward’s supply lanes as Grimm continues to chase down leads on the Factisse Warrant.

Marcus 813.M41

  • Vida Nouri leaves the Shadow at Port Port Gavinus, a month after her indenture contract under the Rogue Trader ends. Several others depart with her, forming the core of her “crew”. They subsequently sign with a Charterist as a group.

Maydem 814.M41

  • A supply of Xenarch weapons from Krawkin Feckward mysteriously detonates on Port Wander. Relationship between Feckward and Kospland sours, as the latter claims the former attempted to asssassinate him, and the former claims the latter faked the explosion to sell the weapons on his own. A retaliatory visit from a Death-Cult during a meeting with Grimm prompts Kospland to purchase Geothe for self-defense.
  • Grimm signs on as Carto-Artifax for the Free Trader vessel Pax Behemoth to continue his search for the Factisse Warrant. There he meets Vida Nouri, who has been hired as second officer. She aids him in recovering a clue to the warrant’s location, though she remains ignorant of what Grimm is searching for.

Junem 814.M41

  • Mu Ping is honourably discharged from the service of The Shadow.
  • First meeting of Xinthiana Mu Ping and Ludwig Kospland. Explorator Ping has discovered information on attuning the Factisse Warrant that Grimm and Kospland had been missing. The two begin making plans to attune the warrant once it is recovered.

Juliuem 815.M41

  • After two years of working under Charterists and Free Captains, Vida Nouri and her followers make their way to Port Wander.
  • Grimm returns to Port Wander, having successfully recovered the Factisse Warrant. Kospland and Ping identify Nouri as a potential candidate for attunement, and seek her out.

Januarus 5th, 816.M41

  • Campaign Begins

History of the False Men

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