The False Dynasty

Thought of the Day: In an hour of Darkness a blind man is the best guide. In an age of Insanity look to the madman to show the way.

This is the 41st millenium, and there is only War.

On the 815th year, somewhere in the Segmentum obscurus, at the very fringe of the Imperium, near the dreaded Halo Stars, once more, a very old starship awakes from her slumber.

Once, He On Terra walked upon her decks, and gave her and her crew a purpose. To do so, the God Emperor granted a Warrant of trade to the Captain. Not an hereditary one, but an holder warrant….

Millenia laters, after setbacks, catastrophes and surges of of humongous profits and bouts of madness, once more, after the lost of the Warrant, it had been found once more.

Five men and women were deemed worthy by He On The Golden Throne. They passed the tests under His Gaze, and they have seen the Light.

The CAVEAT EMPTOR, an antic modified Universe class Mass Conveyor, and the Factisse Warrant of Trade is now theirs rightfully.

With the cloned crew at their orders, the proud sun heraldry will soon fly rpoudly in the Void, the strange and blessed plasma drive , a small duplicata of the blessed Sol of Terra, roaring and spreading its sacred Light upon the Unknown and the Darkness beyond the Maw.

What they will do now ? Only them and He can say…

For they are on a mission from the God Emperor.


The False Dynasty - CAVEAT EMPTOR

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