Ludwig Kospland

Embittered and shameless peddler of false relics


The call to conquer the Galaxy in the Emperor’s name lives on, even 10,000 years after the disastrous end of the Great Crusade. Even among those who were born among prisoners and grew up told they were born and die in that cell can catch the fervour, and strike out amongst the stars. Young Ludwig Kopsland was one such child who joined what was meant to be a holy crusade to conquer the Emperor’s enemies. He was never told who he was fighting, or why, or what his role would be, nor would it really matter. His ship was doomed within days of leaving.

It might have been a Gellar Field failure, or a cult springing into existence, or more likely the prisoners’ being freed from confinement resulted in a riot, but a Galaxy Troop Transport of tens of thousands of soldiers turned on each other with disastrous consequences. Ludwig watched people who had prayed to the Emperor tear each other to pieces with their hands and teeth, and swore that he would never kneel or bow towards another icon of the Emperor.

Following his stay under Imperial scrutiny, he headed to Port Wrath to get off the radar and re-establish life the way he knew how – through underworld dealing and slightly illegal smuggling. The proximity to the Imperial Pleasure Colony of Quaddis meant there were a steady supply of goods from all across the Segmentum in and out, and of more than a little questionable legality. His time there saw him making contact again with the Inquisition through his association with Vida Nouri and his network of contacts greatly expanded once he met Navigator Hieronymus Grimm. The latter having lost his House relied on Kospland and his contacts to forge business arrangements, and greatly increased his revenue flow.

His life took a turn for the darker when he left to visit Quaddis and got caught up in bizarre events surrounding the estate of Erasmus Haarlock. Reports mentioned the Tyrant Star and a bizarre outbreak of madness, but whatever happened Kospland does not go into too much detail. Nonetheless when he returned, he was slightly more prone to introspection and slightly unhinged. He left Port Wrath to make for Port Wander, partially to escape the horrors of what he had witnessed, partially to answer a call he’d had in his subconscious for his life to head to the Koronus Expanse.

Port Wander was an excellent chance for him to expand his business portfolio, and he entered a highly profitable alliance with Rogue Trader Krawkin Feckward dealing with all manner of Xenos artifacts flowing in and out of the Expanse. The business relationship soured when a shipment of Xenarch weapons exploded, leaving Kospland to take the blame. The subsequent assassin was only survived thanks to the intervention of Grimm, and drove Kospland to adopt a less public personality, and to pick up some extra muscle.

While waiting for Feckward’s temper to cool, Kospland and Grimm departed on a quest to find the long-lost Factisse Warrant that Navigator Grimm had found in his records. Managing to recover it after a long quest, they turned to Grimm’s contact Xinthiana Mu Ping for help decoding it. The Explorator’s expertise proved invaluable, but found that none of them could be properly “attuned” to unlock the Warrant. To their mutual surprise, all three had met Vida at some point in their lives, and at Ping’s confirmation that she could successfully attune to the Warrant, they decided to choose her to lead their newfound Dynasty.

Wherever it would take them…

  • Character sheet can be found here
  • Class: Drusian Charlatan/Seneschal
  • Ship Role: High Factotum – Once per game session, the High Factotum may take up to 300 Achievement Points gathered towards the completion of one Endeavour and apply them to the completion of another.
  • Experience: 7100 XP
  • Rank: 2
  • Movement: 4/8/12/24
  • Wounds: 12
  • Corruption Points:0
  • Insanity Points: 31
  • Fate Points: 4


  • Barter (Fel)
  • Blather +10 (Fel)
  • Commerce (Fel)
  • Concealment (Ag)
  • C. Lore Ecclesiarchy, Underworld (Int)
  • Deceive (Fel)
  • Dodge (Ag)
  • Evaluate (Int)
  • F. Lore Archeotech (Int)
  • Inquiry (Fel)
  • Literacy (Int)
  • Security (Ag)
  • Scrutiny +10 (Per)
  • S. Language Low Gothic, Trader Cant (Int)


  • Ambidextrous: Can use either hand in combat without penalty
  • Autosanguine: Always treated as Lightly Wounded for healing, and recovers 2 points of Damage per day
  • Chem-Geld: Any Seduction attempts automatically fails, and players attempting Charm Tests on him increase difficulty by one step.
  • Cold Reader: Prior to making a Commerce, Barter, or Charm Test, the Charlatan may make a Blather Test opposed by the target’s Willpower or Scrutiny. If successful, then the Charlatan may make a Challenging (+0) Scrutiny Test. If successful, the Charlatan gains a +5 bonus to his next Commerce, Barter, or Charm Test against the target for each point of Perception Bonus.
  • Light Sleeper: Character is treated as awake even when asleep for the purpose of Awareness of Surprise
  • Jaded: Character can only take Fear Tests or gain Insanity Points from the Terrors of the Warp
  • Peer (Underworld): * Gain a + 10 bonus to all Interaction tests made with members of the Underworld
  • Resistance (Fear): Gain a + 10 bonus to all tests made to resist Fear

Weapons Training:

  • Basic Weapons Training (Universal)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
  • Pistol Weapons Training (Universal)


  • Criminal: Those that spend any amount of time on a penal world gain a skewed outlook when it comes to the morality of the Imperium, and have a less than savory reputation amongst Imperial authorities. Conversely, they suffer a – 20 penalty on Interaction Tests when dealing with the following organisations: Adeptus Arbites, Ecclesiarchy, Enforcers, and the Military should his home world become known (at the GM’s discretion). Also, should this status ever become known, the Explorer may find themselves under the scrutiny of local law enforcement and underworld crime bosses.
  • Seeker of Lore: The Explorer made spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore or Logic Test in the minimum amount of time possible. In addition, he adds one degree of success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry or Evaluate test.
  • Underground Resources: Characters from penal worlds know many people of ill repute. As such, they can often acquire items much more readily than those working through legitimate channels. When making Acquisition Tests on a world with a criminal underworld, the penal world character can opt to make use of these resources (providing the GM rules they are available) to make the item’s Availability one “level” more common (to a minimum of Abundant). This ability can only be used once every other game session (at the GM’s discretion), and players should remember that the items this character procures are more than likely stolen—they should be prepared in case the authorities come knocking.


  • Best Quality SynSkin (AP 3 All);
  • Holo-Suit: (-20 WS/BS made to attack; +30 Concealment and further -20 to incoming BS if stationary)
  • Rosarius: Protection 45. Overload on 01-05


  • Best Quality Hellgun (110m; S/3/-; 1d10+4 E; Pen 7; Clip 30; Reload 2Full; Reliable)
  • Common Quality Inferno Pistol (10m; S/-/-; 2d10+8 E; Pen 13; Clip 3; Reload Full; );
  • Best Quality Swordcane (Melee; 1d10 + 3; Pen 2; Balanced)


Ludwig Kospland

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