The Nurse

A servitor with a disquieting air of intelligence.


Movement: 4/8/12/24
Wounds: ?

Skills: Awareness (Per), Medicae +20 (Int)

Talents: Master Chirurgeon. Mechadendrite Use (Medicae), Talented (Medicae).

Traits: Dark Sight, Machine (1), Natural Weapons (Medicae Tools), Toxic.

Armour: Machine (1)

Weapons: Medicae Tools (1d10+4 R; Pen 2; Toxic).

Gear: Internal micro-bead (to receive/relay instructions only), Medicae Mechadendrite (3 doses of De-Tox, 3 doses of Stimm).


Remidium Pattern Servitors are known for their reliability and steady hands (such as they are). The Nurse is a best quality Remidium-Pattern Medicae Servitor servitor that obeys Hieronymus Grimm and to a limited degree acts on its own recognisance. While common servitors are created from mind-scrubbed humans that are then augmented with bionic implants The Nurse appears to be a replicae or gholam which has been genetically engineered for its purpose and grown around the bionic augmentations. The augmentations themselves are smooth and streamlined unlike traditional Imperial bionics almost appearing to have been grown from metal rather than forged.

Aesthetically pleasing and elegant if not attractive The Nurse has a somewhat crafted appearance, like a being that was sculpted rather than grown. Functionally The Nurse appears to synthesise drugs and chemicals as needed, sutures used by The Nurse being reminiscent of spider silk rather than spools of thread. Despite this The Nurse does not appear to need to consume anything to fuel the creation of drugs and chemicals.

The Nurse

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